Bilateral relations between Monaco and Indonesia




Cooperation between Monaco and Indonesia is going well. On 2 December 2017, Indonesian Vice Minister, Ambassador A.M. Fachir, met the Administration Head for the Monaco, Mr. Serge Telle, in Monaco. The Vice Minister presented various Indonesian efforts and initiatives in the region such as in the issue of Myanmar, South China Sea, and reduced tension in the Korean peninsula. Meanwhile, Monaco appreciated and fully supported Indonesia's important role in creating stability in the region and maintaining international peace.​ During the dialogue, both also agreed on the importance of global cooperation in promoting marine and environmental issues.

The Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs specifically expressed his appreciation for the attention and initiative of Monaco's Head for the State, Prince Albert II in strengthening environmental cooperation in Indonesia.

The Administration Head for Monaco also welcomed the invitation of Indonesia to attend 'Our Ocean Conference' which will be held in Bali in October 2018.​

Prince Albert II has made two private visits to Indonesia, first on 11-13 November 1997, then in 2-10 December 2007, which he visited visited Nias Island to review new housing for the 2004 tsunami-affected area. The Prince also visited the "Siberut Conversation Project" for local Siberut-Nias monkey. The meeting was organized by two NGOs "Monaco Asie" and "Act for Nature".
On 26 July 2017, Ambassador Hotmangaradja Pandjaitan inaugurated Mr. Mahmouod Al-Abood as Indonesia's Honorary Consul for Monaco, to further strengthen and increase bilateral relations between the two countries. 

Economy: Trade

The trade between Indonesia and Monaco in 2016 reached approximately USD 867 thousand, increased from USD 579,1 thousand in 2015. Indonesia's export balance was around USD 528,2 thousand, or surplus for Indonesia for around USD 127,7 thousand.

Indonesia's export commodities to Monaco included pulp and paper, processed wood, textiles, leather, steel, machinery and automotive spare parts. 

Meanwhile, foreign investment in Monaco was USD 5,521 billion in 2017, increased from USD 4,104 billion and USD 4,102 billion from 2016-2015 respectively. Finance, insurance, and real estate are amongst the primadona of investment in Monaco.


Tourism is a major source of revenue for Monaco, contributing around 11 percent of total GDP. Number of visitors to Monaco (from UN WTO Report 2017): 

  • 2012: 292 thousand
  • 2013: 328 thousand
  • 2014: 319 thousand
  • 2015: 331 thousand
  • 2016: 336 thousand

​Most of tourist/visitors to Monaco came from Erope, America, and East Asia.