Research Procedures Foreign Researches

According to Government Decree No. 41/2006, every foreign university, research institute, enterprise, and individual are welcome to conduct research in Indonesia. They are encourage to participate in R & D activities in order to develop  S & T cooperation and finally to increase Science and Technology transfers in Indonesia. Foreign researchers who will conduct research in Indonesia have to involve scientist as local counterpart from local university, research institute or Non government Organization (NGO) who has competency in the research topic.

Research Permit Procedure

For every non-Indonesian citizen researcher that plans to conduct research within Indonesia territory, prior to the passage, he or she should apply individually for receiving a research permit from the State Minister for Research and Technology. Without such consent, any research activity by a foreigner is illegal. The completed application by form of a hard copy must be addressed to:

Secretariat of Foreign Research Permit

Bureau of Legal and Public Relations

State Ministry of Research and Technology – Republic of Indonesia

BPPT building II, 8th  floor

Jl. M.H Thamrin No.8 Jakarta 10340

Tel                        : +62 21 316 9293

Fax                       : +62 21 398 36180

Email                     :

Homepage              :

Online registration :

Documents Required for Application

The following enlists required documents that must be prepared during the submission for research permit application:

  1. A formal letter of request addressed to the State Ministry of Research and Technology, c/o Secretary to the State Minister for Research and Technology. A copy of this letter including CV and research proposal, which is designated to the Indonesian Representative abroad where the researcher will obtain the visa, must also be enclosed.
  2. 6 (six) copies of research proposal which contains at least: title, objectives, methodology and concept, location, and duration of the research in Indonesia.
  3. 6 (six) copies of abstract on the research proposal.
  4. 4 (four) copies of the researcher’s passport which must be valid until at least six months after the completion of the proposed research in Indonesia.
  5. 6 (six) copies of the curriculum vitae (CV) of the researcher including a list of publication.​
  6. 4 (four) recent close-up photographs (4×6 cm) with red background.
  7. Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) between the researcher and his/her Indonesian counterpart if the researcher plans to take specimen or samples to analyse either in his/her home country or in Indonesia.
  8. 2 (two) letters of recommendation from: 
  9. professor or senior researcher/supervisor
  10. official letter of recognition issued by the institution or university where the researcher employed.
  11. Recommendation letter from related Indonesian Representative Office (Indonesian Embassy or Consulate General) abroad.
  12. Letter of support from Indonesian counterpart stating that the institution will act as research counterpart.
  13. Health certificate from legal-practicing medical-doctor stating that the researcher is physically and mentally capable to conduct the research.
  14. Letter of guarantee stating that the researcher has sufficient fund to cover research and living expenses during conducting research in Indonesia.
  15. List of research equipments that will be brought to Indonesia, along brief technical specification which mention the estimated value for each equipment on use.
  16. If researcher plans to bring his/her spouse and children, he/she must also submit a copy of marriage certificate or other citizen partnership certificate, child birth certificate, copies of his/ her family passports, and 4 (four) recent close-up photographs of each family member.
  17. In particular, for point 2-7 the documents should be submitted by soft copy and hard copy.

Arrival in Indonesia

  1. Upon arrival in Indonesia, the foreign researcher must report to the Secretariat of Foreign Research Permit at BPPT building II, 8th floor, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.8 Jakarta 10340.
  2. Foreign researcher has to fill a form presented by the secretariat. The applicant must then attach a red-background recent photograph within the questioner sheet.
  3. By the following day, 1×24 hours of working day, the applicant will receive some letters from the Secretariat, as follow:
    • Letter of Research Permit and Research Permit Card;
    • Letter of Travel Permit application which addressed to Kepala BAINTELKAM POLRI (Police Intelligence), up. Kabid  YANMIN, MABES POLRI (Police Headquarter), Jl. Trunojoyo No.3, Kebayoran Baru Jakarta;
    • Letter of Research Notification Application addressed to Direktorat Fasilitas Organisasi Politik dan Kemasyarakatan, Direktorat Jenderal Kesatuan Bangsa dan Politik, Ministry of Home Affairs, Jl. Medan Merdeka Utara No.7 Jakarta;
    • Copy of Certificate of Police Registration (Surat Lapor Diri) forwarded to foreign researcher’s counterpart;
    • Letter of request for KITAS (Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas, Limited Stay Permit Card) addressed to the local Immigration Office where research will be done. Foreign researcher has to report to the Immigration Office not later than 7 days from arrival date. Belated report will be fined each day;
    • Letter of recommendation requesting for receiving grace time to make a self-report and area denizen registration among the immigration offices/representatives. The complete data required for issuing KITAS which is addressed to Direktur Dokumen Perjalanan, Visa dan Fasilitas Keimigrasian, Directorate General of Immigration.
    • Letter of request for SLKD addressed to specific research area particularly for foreign researcher who has KITAS and research permit for at least six months should be forwarded to Kepala Direktorat IPP, MAPOLDA;
    • Foreign researcher may commence the research in Indonesia after submitting all requirements and receive documents from the Secretariat as described above.​​

Temporary Recess, Resuming and Completion of Research

  1. If the researcher wish to make a temporary recess of the research process, a written request must be submitted to Secretary to the State Minister for Research and Technology  with enclosed consent letter from the Indonesian counterpart.
  2. A request letter addressed to the Immigration Office to issue Exit Re-entry Permit (ERP) or Multiple Exit Re-entry Permit (MERP)will be issued. The researcher need to submit the request for ERP or MERP to the Immigration Office where the KITAS was issued.
  3. If the researcher has completed the whole process of the research, a wirtten request for completion should be submittedto Secretary to the State Minister for Research and Technology with enclosed consent letter from the Indonesian counterpart.and 6 (six) copies of the tentative final report.
  4. A request letter addressed to the Immigration Office to issueExit Permit Only (EPO)  will be issued and the researcher should submit the request tothe Immigration Office where the KITAS was issued.
  5. Researcher who conduct a research for less than six months may be allowed to exit directly without submitting a request to the Immigration Office, however, tentative final report must be submitted prior to leaving Indonesia.

Request for Extension
A request for extension of research period must be submiited not more than 30 days before the expiration date of the granted research period. Extensions of research period may be given to applicant for a maximum of two terms, with 6 months extension per term. Researcher need to submit the following documents:
  1. Written request for a research extension with clear arguments on why an extended period is needed;
  2. Letter of recommendation from the Indonesian counterpart;
  3. Six copies of tentative final report.

Rights and Obligations for the Local Counterpart

  1. The individual/ organization which is justifiable to become working counterpart of the foreign researcher could be either from government or private higher education institution, research and development either government or private, and non-governmental organisation which are competent and suitable with a research topic;
  2. The counterpart should help the foreign researcher, giving a technical direction, support and effort during his/ her research in Indonesia;
  3. The counterpart must take active responsibility and giving guidance to foreign researcher during his/ her research;
  4. The counterpart must report to the State Ministry of Research and Technology if his/ her foreign researcher partner leave Indonesia.
  5. The counterpart might ask one or more Indonesian researcher to help foreign researcher's fieldwork;
  6. The counterpart must involve/ becoming the starter party in preparing Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) and data sharing referring to International and National legal aspects;
  7. The counterpart could make an agreement with foreign researcher in term of co-authorship of patent, Intellectual Property Rights, and any publications such as books, journals, scientific magazines;
  8. The copy of all material transfer agreement between counterpart and foreign researcher has to be forwarded to Secretariat of Foreign Research Permit, the State Ministry of Research and Technology.

Foreign Researcher's Obligation

  1. The foreign researcher must submit full report to the State Ministry of Research and Technology after the research application has been approved in order to receive preliminary letters which addressed to the stakeholders and Research Permit Card.

  2. The foreign researcher must make pre-project consultations with his/ her counterpart before starting research.

  3. The foreign researcher must completely comply to his/ her approved working plan with the local counterpart.

  4. The foreign researcher is not allowed to take another side job during conducting research in Indonesia.

  5. The foreign researcher must perform good/ agreeable manner, tolerant, and obey all custom rules in every area in Indonesia.

  6. The foreign researcher has to submit a progress report in every three month and final report once he/ she has completed the research project in Indonesia.

  7. The foreign researcher is prohibited from bringing any specimen/ samples without the stakeholder permission.

  8. The foreign researcher should make an agreement between the State Ministry of Research and Technology and counterpart refer to the existing Indonesia’s positive law if there is any patent, intellectual property rights, brand, and registered mark as research result.

  9. The foreign researcher has to submit three copies of research result include thesis/ dissertation, paper, report, or another publication to State Ministry of Research and Technology.

  10. Any publications to be issued in Indonesia must receive permission from the State Ministry of Research and Technology prior to publicising registration itself.

  11. The foreign researcher should gives one copy of photo, slide/ microfilm, video cassette, and cast as research result to State Ministry of Research and Technology

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

Foreign Researcher who will bring or take research sample/ specimen out of Indonesian must have written permit from related governmental stakeholder and must sign Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) with related governmental stakeholder.

Research Vessel

Foreign researcher who will conduct research in Indonesian waters and use research vessel must request for permission to the Secretary to the State Minister for Research and Technology. In addition, he/ she must request security clearance as well an escort by security officer to Ministry of Defence.

Permit Processing Fee

Permit processing fee for new research application is US$100, while for a request for an extension of research period will be charged US$50.​​