Goods Procedures Grants and Donation

The Government of Indonesia shall grant duty-free on any donation or gift given by foreign donors to individuals of social organization in areas of religious, cultural, relief, education, health and other social-related activities. Any duty free on donation or gift must be approved by the Directorate General of Customs. 

The Procedure for duty-free facility are:

  1. List of items including specifications and its duty.

  2. Gift certificate from the donor stating that the items are truly donation/gift and not originated from Indonesian resources.

  3. Recommendation from the Directorate General of Public Medication for medical supplies and from Drug and Food Control Bureau for medicines.

  4. Recommendation from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade for second hand items.

  5. The receiving party in Indonesia must present all documents to the Directorate General of Customs in order to receive the duty-free on the donations/gift.

  6. Any foreign documents must be legalized by the authorities from the donating countries and by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Bern.​