Adoption Procedures

Foreigners wishing to adopt an Indonesian child are required to be administered by a government-appointed child care foundation.

All prospective parents must conform to the following requirements:

  1. Age limit 25-45 years old; with the husband aged maximum 45 and wife aged maximum 40 years; married for at least 5 years;
  2. Residency and permanent occupation in Indonesia for a minimum of 2 years with a permit issued by the local regent and from the concerned Embassy in Jakarta;
  3. Childless couples or those who already have a child or who have adopted an Indonesian child;
  4. Belief in God;
  5. Both parents must appear in court.
Required Documents:
  1. Letter of approval for adopting an Indonesian child from the concerned Embassy;
  2. Marriage certificate;
  3. Birth certificates of both parents;
  4. Birth certificate of the previous child (if applicable);
  5. References from close relatives from both sides;
  6. Health statement by a medical practitioner in Indonesia for adopting parents and from a gynecologist regarding involuntary childlessness from a government hospital;
  7. Income statement;
  8. Statement of good conduct of parents issued by the police;
  9. Passport sized photos of both parents;
  10. Statement from the adoptive parents that they will contact the Indonesian Embassy in future area(s) of residence (sealed statement);
  11. Motivation for adoption by adoptive parents (sealed statement);
  12. Statement of domicile from the concerned Embassy in Jakarta and from the local regent (RT/RW/Lurah/Camat Office);
  13. Photocopies of passports and KITAS from adoptive parents;
  14. Statement of guarantee from the concerned Embassy that the adoptee will be allowed to enter the country of future residence, and that under the legislation an adopted child becomes a child of the adopters as if the child had been born to them.

Important Note

  1. Documents No. 2-5 must be authenticated by the Indonesian Embassy of the country of origin.
  2. For court purposes, translation of all documents in English must be done by a sworn/ certified translator.
  3. Any cost shall be borne by the adopting parents.
  4. In Jakarta, adoption shall be administered by Yayasan Sayap Ibu, a foundation appointed by the Government of Indonesia.

For more information, please contact:

Yayasan Sayap Ibu

Jalan Barito II no 55

Jakarta 12130


Telephone:  +62 -21-722 1763  / 726 6317