The Signing of The Grant of the Republic of Indonesia to the Government of Afghanistan

The Signing of official proceeding of the grant of the Republic of Indonesia to the goverment of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on construction of Clinic in Kabul held today 6 January 2019 in Embassy of Republic of Indonesia by the presence of H.E Dr. Mamosai Zewar deputy Minister, Ministry of Public Health Afghanistan.

Indonesia and Afghanistan are historically close in nature. Indonesia and Afghanistan continue their friendship and cooperation at any season and circumstances since the establishment of bilateral relations in 1955.

 Indonesia is committed to provide support for peace, reconciliation and development process in Afghanistan. One of the manifestations of such commitment was the building of the Indonesia Islamic Center (IIC) at Ahmad Shah Baba Mina Kabul consisting of Mosque, Clinic and other community facilities to give a direct impact to the people of Afghanistan and to mutually share the dividends of Peace, Friendship and Prosperity.

The clinic  granted by the Government of Indonesia is planned to be used as a district hospital in the Ahmad Shah Baba Mina territory and increasingly expanding the reach of health services for the surrounding community.