Indonesian Embassy in Kabul Explores Potential Cooperation with Nangarhar Province

Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia for Afghanistan, H.E. DR. Arief Rachman MD., has visited Jalalabad City, Province of Nangarhar, Afghanistan on 12-13 January 2018. On the first day of the visit, H.E. Ambassador had a meeting with the Deputy Governor of Nangarhar Province, Mr. Abdullah Raqibi, which took place at Governor's Palace. In this meeting, there were also representatives of Ulama Council of Afghanistan, ministries, private sectors, and journalists.  

Moreover, H.E. Ambassador also visited mausoleum of Ghazi Amanullah Khan, the ruler (King) of Afghanistan from 1919 to 1926. He was also the one who led Afghanistan to full independence from British influence. 

At the end of the first day, H.E. Ambassador met Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries in Jalalabad City and representatives of private sectors. Jalalabad City or even wider Nangarhar Province is one of the most active region in term of the business activities especially on trade, because of its strategic location near the border of Pakistan. 

In this meeting, H.E. Ambassador asked businesspersons from Nangarhar Province to actively engage trade with Indonesia. His Excellency also received some inputs from businesspersons in Nangarhar in order to promote trade and investment between two countries including about visa facilitation, air transport and preferential tariff. 

At the second day, H.E. Ambassador had a visit to University of Nangarhar, one of the biggest and oldest university in Afghanistan. On this visit, His Excellency met the Chancellor of Nangarhar University, Mr. Babrak Miakhil. 

In this meeting, His Excellency discussed about the opportunity of cooperation between Nangarhar University and one of state university in Indonesia in several types of cooperation including scholarship, exchange student, fellowship program, and so on. His Excellency also visited two faculties (literature and agriculture) among 13 faculties in Nangarhar University and had interactive dialogue with the students. 

After this visit, H.E. Ambassador had a meeting with Governor of Nangarhar, H.E. Muhammad Gulab Mangal, in Governor Palace. In this meeting, there were also the representative of Provincial Council, Ulama Council of Afghanistan, tribe elders and private sectors. 

Governor warm-heartedly welcomed Ambassador's visit to Nangarhar Province in eastern part of Afghanistan. He said the visit is a symbol of commitment and good faith from the government and people of Indonesia to promote relations between two countries.

He highly hoped that through this visit, both countries could promote cooperation in the field of trade and investment as well as in education and higher education. He suggested that Indonesia could assist Afghan private sector from Afghanistan in providing visa facilitation. He also wished that Indonesia could increase the scholarship for Afghanistan students either in Bachelor, Master or PhD level. 

H.E. Ambassador stated that Indonesia will always keen to promote its relations with Afghanistan especially in economy, social culture and peace building. He said that this is in line with Indonesia government's policy towards Afghanistan, to create peace through prosperity, education and culture. 

H.E. Ambassador emphasized that to create better circumstances in Afghanistan, especially in Nangarhar province, all stakeholders need to work together regardless their background of political affiliation, economy and social status, gender, and tribes. He suggested that everyone should be problem solver for better Afghanistan. ​