Indonesia Supports the Development of Youth’s Potentials in Afghanistan

​KBRI Kabul – As an effort to support the policy of the Government of Indonesia to continuously facilitate the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan, the Embassy of Indonesia in Kabul has a huge interest to improve the relations with stakeholders in Afghanistan in various sectors, including youth development in Afghanistan.

On that regard, H.E. Ambassador of Indonesia for Afghanistan has received the visit from the representative of AIESEC in his office on 28th May 2018. AIESEC is the largest global non-profit youth organization which its networks cover 127 countries around the globe. In the meeting, H.E. Ambassador stressed the significant role of youth in nation's development and progress. For example, he explained how Indonesia were able to gain its independence which driven by the spirit of unity from its youths at that time who came from various different of religions​, tribes, ethnicities, and languages.

AIESEC as a global youth organization has main objectives in promoting peace and developing youth's great potentials all over the world. In Afghanistan, AIESEC has been established since 2002 and has had various of activities which encourage youth in Afghanistan to do changes and to contribute positive impact to the society. Main activities of AIESEC are Youth to Business Forum, YouthSpeak Forum, Training for Development, cultural exchange as well as other voluntary activities.

AIESEC highly hoped that the relations between Indonesia and Afghanistan could be improved through cultural exchanges and other AIESEC activities. Up until now, there is no representative from either Indonesia and Afghanistan who has mutual cultural exchange yet. Therefore, AIESEC Afghanistan hoped that they could start to send volunteers to Indonesia as well as to receive volunteers from Indonesia in near future.

In response, H.E. Ambassador positively welcomed the initiative from AIESEC and pledged his necessary supports​ to the cooperation development through the organization. He also hoped that AIESEC could enhance the role of youth in entrepreneurship as well as in business and ​synergize it with their counterpart in Indonesia.