Addressing the World Challenges, Minister Conveyed the Diplomacy Focus in 2018

Jakarta: The Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi in her speech 2008 Annual Press Statement of the Minister for Foreign Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office, Jakarta (9/1/2018) stated that the world situation in 2018 is characterized by optimism of world economic growth.

In addition, the world also needs to address the key challenges of globally political and security instability, the potential for proxy conflict in various parts of the world, and some countries backtracking  from their international commitments which leaves behind a big question mark.

Therefore, the Foreign Minister Retno stressed the need for partnership to respect international law and to develop multilateralism.

"The spirit of co-opetition, co-operative competition, or the spirit of cooperation in a world of competitions to yield optimum results needs to be encouraged," she said.

In the region, the Foreign Minister Retno saw the need to build the architecture of the region. Indonesia wants the peace, stability and prosperity ecosystem not only to be established in ASEAN, but also in the Indian Ocean Circle and the Pacific Ocean, namely the Indo-Pacific Circle.

Indonesia will work together with countries in the region, including through the centrality of ASEAN, establishing an umbrella of Indo-Pacific cooperation. This is essential to fostering confidence-building, mutually beneficial  cooperation and to grow and to develop the habit of dialogue in the regional cooperation architecture.

Political Focus of Diplomacy Year 2018

Therefore, taking advantage of opportunities and facing challenges in the year 2018, Foreign Minister Retno has set some steps and the focus of Indonesian foreign policy.

First, strengthening ASEAN unity and centrality, Indonesia will fully support the chairmanship of Singapore in ASEAN," said the Foreign Minister.

Secondly, Indonesia will enhance its peace and humanitarian diplomacy for a more peaceful and stable world.

Third, Indonesia will ensure the successful hosting of a number of important events in 2018, namely Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang (18 August – 2 September 2018); Our Ocean Conference in Bali, (October 29-30, 2018); The annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group (IMF-WB) in Bali, (October 8-14, 2018); and The 2018 World Conference on Creative Economy, in Bali, (May 5-7, 2018).

As coordinator of MIKTA (Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey, Australia) in 2018, Indonesia will continue to encourage creative economy, as a pillar of global economic growth and in order to contribute to world peace.

For the first time, Indonesia will host the Indonesia-Africa Forum, in April 2018.

Fourth, Indonesia will intensify its campaign for candidacy as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for the 2019-2020 period.

Fifth, safeguarding borders and sovereignty will continue to be done, among others through the intensification of boundary delimitation  negotiations.

Sixth, to strengthen a “beyond protection", the Foreign Ministry will complete and launch safe travel as a means to enhance the protection of overseas Indonesian citizens.

Seventh, to use the momentum of global economic recovery, Indonesia will intensify trade and economic cooperation negotiations in the forms of CEPA, FTA, or PTA.

Eighth, Indonesia's diplomacy will be further strengthened in combatting transnational crimes, including human trafficking, IUU fishing, illegal drugs, and countering radicalism and terrorism.

Concluding her speech, the Foreign Minister Retno affirmed the commitment that to implement the foreign policy, the whole staff of the Foreign Ministry in 2018 will stay focused on working hard and working thoroughly.

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(Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)