Joint Statement of Foreign Ministers of ASEAN-GCC Countries, 1 June 2010




At The Second ASEAN-GCC Ministerial Meeting In Singapore On 1 June 2010, The Foreign Ministers Considered The Recent Attacks By The Israeli Authorities Against Personnel Aboard The Humanitarian Vessel, Mavi Marmara On 31 May 2010.

The Ministers Strongly Deplored And Condemned This Israeli Raid And Act Of Violence In International Waters.

The Ministers Expressed Condolences To The Victims Of The Raid And Solidarity With The People And Government Of Turkey And Other Countries.

The Ministers Urged The Immediate Release Of Those Who Are Still Held Hostage By The Israeli Authorities.

The Ministers Called For The Removal Of The Israeli Blockade In Accordance With The Relevant UN Security Council Resolutions, In Particular UN Security Council Resolution 1860.

Through The Aforementioned Raid And Violence, Israel Has Once Again Created Additional Hurdles To The Middle East Peace Process Which Is Currently Entering A Critical Phase With The Launching Of The “Proximity Talks”.

The Ministers Agreed On The Need For International Cooperation To Ensure That Israel Is Held Accountable For Its Action In Accordance With International Law.  Specifically, The Ministers Urged The United Nations To Discharge Its Responsibilities In Accordance With Its Charter, Including Through Investigation Of The Israeli Attack In Order To Ensure Its Accountability.

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1 June 2010