Flag Raising Ceremony, Commemorate the Indonesian Independence Day



The commemoration of 69th Indonesian Independence Day was held at the Embassy of
Harare on August 17, 2014 at 09.00 local time by raising the Indonesian flag through a
formal ceremony led by the Indonesian Ambassador for Zimbabwe and Zambia, Amb.
Eddy Poerwana.
The ceremony was attended by Indonesian citizen reside in Zimbabwe, Indonesianists,
the alumni of Indonesian scholarship and other Zimbabwean guests. The Honorary
Consul of the Republic of Indonesia for Zambia, Mr. Levy Zulu, also attended the
The Ambassador, in his speech, conveyed the Indonesia’s achievements, with regards
to its mature democracy, shown by the direct presidential election. However, he
also reminded the Indonesian community that more efforts need to be done to make
Indonesia more successful. In addition, the Ambassador also advised the community on
the importance of maintaining peace and unity, regarding the election results.
After the flag raising ceremony, the Ambassador invited all guests for light refreshment
while giving the opportunities for interaction between the people to strengthen people to
people contacts. The event was also covered by Zimbabwe national television.