APEC 2017: President Emphasized Connectivity, Empowerment of Farmers, Fishermen and MSMEs

Da Nang, Vietnam: At the APEC Summit held in Da Nang, Vietnam, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) underlined some of the principles. According to him, globalization must be inclusive and strategic steps need to be taken so that society is also prepared to face the digital era.

This was conveyed by the Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, AM Fachir, in Da Nang, Vietnam, Saturday (11/11) after accompanying President Jokowi in a series of APEC activities.

Associated with APEC agenda, the Vice Minister conveyed that Indonesia was a chairman in Bogor 1994 and successfully initiated Bogor Goals 2020.

"Since it becomes our commitment, the unfinished agenda should be solved, among others, concerning the easiness of trade and investment," Vice Minister.

In particular, the Vice Minister continued, there will be future presses conveyed by the President, among others on marine infrastructure and maritime connectivity, as well as facilitation of expanding market access for development products that of course contribute to the welfare of the people and deregulation.

"In relation to the outcomes of the Summit itself, the leaders agreed on a document called the Da Nang Declaration and as I mentioned earlier this document is solid enough to appreciate APEC's current achievements," added AM Fachir.

At the same time, continued Fachir, forward looking is to keep firmly to the principle called free and open regionalism.

He also added that President Jokowi encouraged the achievement of Bogor Goals 2020, still fully supporting the multilateral trading system under the WTO rules and discussing an inclusive topic in this year.

"And for the future, the leaders also formed the APEC Vision Group to help develop a new vision after 2020 or post APEC 2020. Well, there are some that we particularly stand for and include in this document, among others, as a maritime country we want that the impact negative from IUU fishing is handled well, "said the Vice Minister.

Furthermore, he conveyed information concerning the development of connectivity in remote areas, empowerment of farmers and fishermen for food security and the internationalization of MSMEs.

"It means how MSMEs can be supported, so they have capacity and can also get access to international market. That's some of what I want to say on this occasion and of course had already been said there was a bilateral meeting this morning with Australia, "added Fachir.

Earlier, according to the Vice Minister, President Jokowi had met Prime Minister of PNG, as chairman or host of APEC next year, and explicitly expressed Indonesia's support for PNG's Chairmanship in APEC next year.

"The support is shown both in substance and also supports that are administrative, protocol, security, and so on," said the Vice Minister. (news/photos: Setkab / MIT / UN / EN)